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Grey Eagle LLC.
Marketing - Political Consulting and Management

Marketing and Campaign Strategies that Combine Technology with Results

About Us


Grey Eagle Marketing and Political Consulting LLC combines the best in campaign and marketing software to bring political campaigns into the 21st century. We specialize in political campaign marketing and management, from local city council campaigns to state-wide campaigns, we have you covered from start to finish.  

Grey Eagle Marketing and Political Consulting is a Florida-based, veteran-owned company. as a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, we hold ourselves to a higher level of excellence and integrity. Our process has proven results in getting candidates elected and offering unmatched consulting and political Campaign management services

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Politcal Consulting and Strategy

If you are considering running for a political office the first step should be to consult with a Political Consultant to help organize and strategize the best path forward. Not only do we help plan for your future as a candidate we offer realistic strategies that will help you achieve your goals as a candidate.  

Marketing and Public Relations

With years of marketing experience, we provide a full-service marketing strategy and implement multiple methods of reaching voters. From website design, text campaigns, Email marketing, print media design, and much more. We know what it takes to mobilize your voter base for you. 

Political Campaign Management 

Running a campaign by yourself is next to impossible. The main mistake candidates make is thinking they can do it on their own. Political Campaigns are a multi-billion-dollar industry. From raising donations to setting up events and everything in between, hiring a campaign manager makes that process seamless so you can focus on what matters. Getting elected!

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